A soil pipe conveys sewage or wastewater from a toilet or sink to a soil drain or sewer. They are easy to spot, running vertically from above the highest window to the underground drainage system. The soil pipe, also known as a soil and vent pipe, has a wider diameter than a waste pipe (which only carries water) so it can carry solid waste and is vented to reduce odour. 

Vented soil pipes help to avoid a build-up of obnoxious smells by releasing odour into the atmosphere through the vents, at the same time oxygen enters the system to remove gases and prevent anaerobic decomposition. 

Traditionally, soil pipes were made from cast iron, modern pipes are often made from plastic but using cast iron gives the advantage of strength and a much longer lifespan. We offer a huge range of soil pipe fittings suitable for virtually any layout on a building. As well as standard items, we can produce fittings that bend and branch as required, in any position, whilst connecting to other sizes of soil pipe. We can also adapt the length to reduce the number of connections, making it easier to pass through a wall so that any new system can be positioned in the best way to suit a building’s structure and aesthetic. 

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