Pipe Fixing Earbands

The ultimate guide to pipe fixing methods 

A cast iron rainwater pipe is one of the most recognisable features of a period property. After centuries of battling the elements, not to mention serving its primary purpose, it’s easy to see why these pipes can face a little wear and tear. 

Thankfully, at J and JW Longbottom, we’ve been perfecting the art of manufacturing cast iron rainwater products since 1919. Everything is produced on-site at our foundry in Holmfirth, Huddersfield. With more than 100 years’ experience behind us, we’ve also seen just about every way in which a cast iron pipe can buckle under the elements. 

This experience has taught us that there are just as many ways to fix cast iron pipes as there are to break them. Here are some of our tried and tested methods. 


Ears are the most common type of pipe fixing, either bolt-on or cast-on. They are usually of a plain and functional appearance although it is possible to have ornamental ears fitted to a pipe. It is not uncommon to fit a spacer behind the ears to allow space behind the pipe for redecoration. Ears can be supplied for either flat or corner fixing. 


Unlike ears, Earbands are separate castings to the pipe and fit around the pipe socket to hold the pipe back to the wall. The ear ends can be plain or ornamental. This method of fixing is more popular in Scotland than the ears method described above. Again, Earbands can be for flat or corner fixing although spacers such as bobbins do not work with Earbands without further provision. The inclusion of ornamental Earbands can greatly enhance the appearance of a pipe system. 


A holderbat is a two-piece bracket which supports pipes around the collar and fastens them to a wall from a single point. They can be supplied for building into a wall or for screwing to it. 


A holdfast is a u-shaped bracket that is driven into the wall and sits round the pipe socket. These are commonly used in Scotland. 

Other methods 

There are many other proprietary methods of fixing pipes to walls such as Sloan and Davidson’s Simplex Ear Plate or the socket snug and bracket system. Many of these have been replicated in our foundry and can be offered where required. 

Speak to J and JW Longbottom about fixing your pipes today 

However you wish to fix your cast iron pipe, you’ll want to do so in a way that preserves your home’s natural aesthetic, and the safety of the pipe. We have a comprehensive selection of fittings to help you get the job done, all made using traditional methods at our foundry in Yorkshire.  

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