We can replicate almost anything and regularly make hopper heads, motifs, gutters, pipes with unusual sockets or ears, grating and airbricks, all to match existing ones. We usually ask for a customer’s sample but could also work from drawings.



Many castings do not need replacement. Often cracks may have caused them to fail or a rotten back where water has collected. Our expert engineers can repair these types of problems, even replacing a missing piece of a casting where necessary. In many cases this provides a cost-effective alternative to replacement of items of architectural interest.


With a renovation, as well as completing the repair, we will do further cosmetic work to ready the item for decoration by your fitters.


We can undertake alternations to your castings such as changing the outlet size of or fitting an overflow to a gutter or hopper head. We can make special adaptor clips to join gutters of different sizes or shapes. Other types of alteration are too numerous to list, ask and we can probably do it !

Bespoke Castings

Although Longbottoms have always specialised in the manufacture of rainwater and soil goods, we are able to make other bespoke castings. Previous examples include bridge finials and corner guards to protect a terracotta wall. We are also able to supply our own products made to different dimensions should you wish. We would be pleased to discuss your requirements for similar small to medium quantity jobs.