Osborne is a former royal residence in East Cowes on the Isle of Wight, now cared for by the charity English Heritage. It was bought by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in 1845 as a summer retreat from court life, where they could spend time with their growing family. “It is impossible to imagine a prettier spot,” the Queen said of her beloved home. 

Prince Albert was closely involved with renovations on the property, which is built in the elegant style of an Italian Renaissance palazzo and became known as the Osborne style, imitated throughout the British Empire. Albert commissioned architect and master builder, Thomas Cubitt, to advise on an extension to the existing property but Cubitt recommended they build a new home. The old house was eventually demolished with the main wing of new Osborne being completed in 1851. 

After Queen Victoria’s death in 1902, her successor Edward VII gifted the estate to the nation. In 1986 English Heritage took over the management of Osborne and welcomes thousands of visitors to the site every year. 

In 2021, J&JW Longbottom were asked to supply some sand cast ‘Half Round’ gutters along with 5-inch diameter rainwater pipes to match existing ironwork at Osborne. This pipe size is rare, but we carry stocks of it along with a full range of fittings. As well as standing the test of time, cast iron rainwater goods conserve and enhance the appearance of traditional buildings where other materials would look out of place. On many listed buildings, cast iron guttering is often a stipulation. 

Although one of the oldest materials in engineering, cast iron still has a prominent place in the modern world with the current focus on sustainability. Legendary for its strength and durability, it can even be recycled to use again. The new rainwater pipes and gutters on Osborne House will enhance this stunning building for many years to come.