We’re always delighted to receive requests to help renovate period properties, creating new fittings whilst maintaining their classic aesthetic, wherever they are in the country.

That’s why we were happy to take on this new challenge in the West Midlands. Having recently moved into a gothic revival house, the owner was keen to retain all its period features. With high roofs, bay windows and an imposing front porch, the house was a real head-turner. It would be remiss to upgrade this with contemporary looking fixtures.

Our approach

To maintain the aesthetic, it was important to focus on three key features:

  1. Guttering
  2. Pipework
  3. Earbands

The new owner stressed maximum care and detail – ensuring all features of the 19th Century property were appropriately preserved.


After the owner had visited our works and discussed the options, we chose our sand cast OG gutters to ensure they blended into the existing guttering on the bay windows. The OG gutters, or ‘ogee’, incorporate a double curve in the shape of an elongated ‘S’ helping to  maintain a decorative aesthetic.

Likewise, we installed minimally visible jointing, each piece made entirely bespoke to join the corners. We also fitted ends and outlets to ensure a leak-proof finish with long-term durability.


The property benefitted from ornate fittings on the pipes which lent themselves to a bespoke design. We used custom-made plinth offsets to fit perfectly with the shape of the building.


Perhaps the most eye-catching feature of this property was the earbands. Inspired by clubs and spades, these dark, gothic earbands were the final change on the pipework. We reworked these to give the new pipework the same magnificent appearance that the original had.

The result

A classic finish with all the assurance of contemporary materials, the property was fully restored to its period grandeur. With gothic shades of black offsetting white trims, the house will stun guests for years to come. What’s more, our fully bespoke rainwater goods will continue to keep the property safe from the elements for many decades.

Ask us about restoring your period property

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